We stock a broad variety of over 25 different types of hardwood

Our product range includes sawn timber and planed hardwood, veneer, MDF and HDF-boards, landing treads, table legs, and customised goods. Readily available are sawn goods and wooden boards. For battens, skirting boards, and further processed goods we offer short delivery times depending on the product and the level of customisation.

Our newest hardwood product is Eco Black Oak panels. These panels get their colour from “Black Oak Technology” where non-toxic substances are used to dye wooden boards. The beautiful dark colour penetrates through the full thickness of the board and gives this product its exquisite appearance. The end product has all the best qualities of fume stained oak without the smell or use of ammonium hydroxide. Black Oak is suitable for use in kitchens and inside the house. We stock 30 mm and 40 mm fingerjoint Black Oak panels.

With the installation of modern dehumidification systems in all of our warehouses, we have created the perfect ambient conditions to assure our wood premium quality.

At Woodim Finland Ltd, we promote the practice of sustainable forestry by offering products from vendors who are committed to these measures.

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Eco black tammi