Woodim Finland Ltd is a leading importer and wholesaler of oak and other hardwood since 1994. We stock a broad variety of over 25 different types of wood and offer our customers further processed products too. Our newest product range includes oak barrels for the distillers and brewers.

We offer 200 litre ex-bourbon and new white oak barrels suitable for refill with any spirit or beer. Ex-sherry, gin etc. barrels are also available on order. All our new barrels are charred or toasted to customer specifications. This combination of new and once-filled barrels provides the craft distiller and brewer with options from which we will be sure to find the ideal match for your unique product.

Barrel-aging is an important part of developing the flavours and aromas of craft beer and spirit. As the beer or spirit sits in wooden casks, it absorbs vanilla, tannic, oak, and other flavours. If the barrel has been previously used to age another spirit, like bourbon, that barrel will also carry traces of the bourbon which can be a desirable trait.

Our modern warehouses are based in Lahti Finland where we can offer smooth logistics and speedy client service. We are an authorised distributor of Kelvin Cooperage in continental Europe.

Guideline for barrel preparation can be found here.

For further information on your barrel needs, please contact us at or +358 (0)45 893 0520

Oak barrel heads
White oak staves for barrel making
New American white oak barrels
New oak barrels