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The tulip tree is a common tree species in North America. Thermoheated Tulipwood™ was
innovated by Woodim for sauna interiors as it doesn’t get too hot in high temperatures, the wood is light, yet very strong. Tulipwood has an exquisite grain with
a warm, relaxing feel.

At Woodim Finland Ltd, we stock this beautiful brown wood as panels and as bench boards, both in five different widths. The panels are 18 mm and bench boards
27 mm thick. You can create decorative, unique surfaces by combining panels in various widths of your choice.  All panels have concealed attachment (no exposed fasteners) that allow for a flawless finish with perfect alignment. We also hold stocks of extra-long Thermoheated Tulipwood in lengths of over 4 m.

Available in: panels 18×90 mm, 18×120 mm, 18×140 mm, 18×170 mm and 18×200 mm. Bench boards 27×90 mm, 27×120 mm, 27×140 mm, 27×170 mm and 27×200 mm.

Please ask for a custom quote.

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