Woodim Finland Ltd – Hardwood and Wooden Panels

Woodim Finland Ltd is a leading importer and wholesaler of hardwood and solid wood edge glued panels since 1994. We stock a broad variety of over 25 different types of wood and offer our customers further processed products too. We provide for the carpentry, boat and shipbuilding industries, kitchen furniture manufacturers, retailers and the building industry. Our newest product ranges are oak barrels for the brewers and distillers, and importing and wholesale of fibreboard.

The company mission is to offer our clients quality products, manage the whole production chain and ensure reliable delivery at all times. Our aim is to be the most desirable partner in the hardwood industry.

At Woodim Finland, we promote the practice of sustainable forestry by offering products from vendors who are committed to these measures.

Our modern warehouses are based in Lahti Finland where we can offer smooth logistics and speedy client service.

Oak Barrels

Oak barrels for the distillers and brewers.


We stock a broad variety of MDF-, HDF and H-10 boards.


we promote the practice of sustainable forestry