2019 is a special year for all of us, here at Woodim Finland – we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, a quarter of a century.

Back in 1994…

Woodim Finland Ltd was founded by Mr Pekka Tarvajärvi.

The Channel Tunnel (Le tunnel sous la Manche, Eurotunneli) was opened.

Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.

Yahoo and Amazon were founded.

First Sony Play Station was released.

Nobel Peace Price was awarded to Jasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Jitzhak Rabin.

The first time the President was solely elected by a popular vote in Finland.

Nuuksio, one of Finland’s 40 national parks, was established.

Terrorist Carlos the Jackal was arrested in Sudan.

An advisory referendum on joining the European Union was held in Finland. 56.9% of voters approved of the proposal.

The Lion King and Forrest Gump hit cinema screens.

At the age of 25…

J. K. Rowling came up with the idea for Harry Potter.

Richard Branson had already started the Virgin Records record label.

Mika Häkkinen joined McLaren motor racing team.

Beyoncé released her second solo album “B’Day”.

Elon Musk was running his first internet company Zip2.

Oprah Winfrey was co-hosting a local talk show in Baltimore.

Pope Francis had taken his first vows as a Jesuit, and was studying philosophy.

IT executive and co-founder of Lumi Labs Marissa Mayer had just started her job as Google’s first female engineer.

Woodim Finland Ltd is a leading importer and wholesaler of hardwood and solid wood edge glued panels in Finland.